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Urbanization and the Woodpecker September 15, 2008

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The idea for this blog formed in my head on Thursday. I had just missed the green light to turn onto York Road from Highway 68. However, my mood was brightened when I saw 4 red headed woodpeckers storing their acorns into the pedestrian walk/stop light. At first, I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. The woodpecker species that lives in this area is (in my opinion) slightly absurd looking. (I think it’s the eyes and fact that they can’t stand like a typical bird that bothers me.)

Having taken Envi-Sci (Environmental Science) with Ms. Kiest my sophomore year, I was already aware of the trials faced by wildlife in urbanized areas. The fact that some kinds of wildlife were being forced to learn to live in urban ideas is not news to me, nor should it be to most people. What I found interesting was that these four birds were more in favor of using a product of urbanization rather than the natural alternative. These birds were using a blend of natural and manufactured products in their lives. They do not have to ability to protest the replacement of their trees with light posts, but simply have to make do with what they have. There are those among humankind who just plod through life, doing nothing to change the world around them unless it has a direct and immediate impact upon them. They only differ from the woodpeckers in that they have the ability to make changes but chose not to.


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