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Miniature Demons at the Renaissance Faire October 17, 2008

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This was an interesting weekend for me. I went to the Renaissance Faire with several of my friends. We all had a great time. However, things didn’t start to get really interesting until we were leaving. My mom came to pick us all up around 6:30. She decided that we should all stop off at Casa De Fruta itself and get something to eat. Once inside the parking lot, my mom spotted three tiny four week old abandoned kittens. They were huddled next to a rusty trashcan near the entrance to the parking lot. I don’t know how long they had been there, but they were starving. My mom went into the store and bought a small container of milk. One of my mom’s friends says: Never feed cats, because once you do, you’ll never get rid of them. We discovered the truth in this. We ended up taking them home with us in a box.

An hour and a half later, we got them home. The milk had definitely not been enough to satisfy them. The tortoise-shell was so hungry that I thought that she would eat my entire hand (which was larger than she was) trying to get to the chicken that I was offering her. I began calling her Demon, hence the name of this blog. The grey male would growl while eating in a vain attempt to keep the other kittens at bay. I later discovered that all three of them could be tame and sweet when they weren’t starving to death. The female was renamed Felicity. The two others were both male: Bobby (mom thought he looked like a miniature bobcat. He was the smallest of the three) and Shadow (he was blue grey…it seemed appropriate). After lots of kitten food and a bath for all of them in the kitchen sink, the kittens were ready to go to their foster home to await permanent adoption.

There actually is a point to the blog besides to show how I am such a nice person that I rescue abandoned possibly disease ridden kittens from parking lots. As time progressed, it became obvious that these kittens were quite tame. They had obciously had contact with humans during their time before being rescued. It didn’t take me very long to become very concerned with the welfare of these kittens. While I was at the SPCA trying to determine whether they could do anything for the kittens (they were willing to take them, but they were not old enough to adopt, which means that they would either be sent back to Hollister or euthanized…neither of which made me happy), one of the women behind the counter told me how lucky these kittens were to have been found by me. On first thought, I would think that anyone would do what I had done. Yet as I thought about it more, I began to think that the woman might have had a point. As a result, this week I have been pondering the nature of human morality. Three abandoned kittens are certainly not the extent of the world’s suffering. People who that that these kittens could survive without their help simply walked by. They would have no idea how sweet and loving these hungry kittens could be if someone gave them the time of day. Does not every act of giving produce something worthwhile? How would this world be different if people stopped to view the world around them? If they could realize how much good they could do with even the slightest bit of effort on their parts?


One Response to “Miniature Demons at the Renaissance Faire”

  1. Mr. Raymond Says:


    I really like how you are letting yourself wander around different moments of your life, here. The first line of the third paragraph is very funny–good sarcasm and syntax. Please do read your work out loud, though, to catch the errors. Lastly, the altruistic statement at the end reflects your Yorkness.

    Mr. R

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